RPG Characters

Kylia Raddox, Black Crusade Psyker

“Kylia was born in a quiet farming village of Tolt on Sisk, a fuedal world on the periphery of the Segmentum Obscurum, Callixis Sector. Her mother, Jaella, was a minor psyker who’d hidden her gifts to protect her family. When Kylia was 12, the Black Ships of the Imperium came; they took her mother, who shouted [Run, child, run! Never look back!] into her mind as to her futher shock the Arbites came for Kylia. When the men of the Black Ship grabbed her, Kylia’s terror awakened her own latent pysker powers and she unleashed a psychic scream of such magnitude the Ship was destroyed and she was able to flee. Sadly, her mother was also killed and Kylia revisits her loss often in her nightmares. Only 15, yet grim and purposeful, she has travelled to the edge of the Screaming Vortex, honing her powers as she searches for the one thing that can assuage her guilt: her mother’s soul.”

Kylia Raddox, Chaos Psyker
Pride: Craftsmanship (psy powers)
Disgrace: Regret (mother’s death)
Motivation: Arcane (resurrect mother)
Weapon Skill: 32, Ballistic Skill: 37
Strength: 32, Toughness: 30
Agilty: 38, Intelligence: 40
Perception: 40, Willpower: 50
Fellowship: 27, Infamy: 23
Wounds: 13
Corruption: 7

Psyker Powers: Thought Sending, Precognition, Mind over Matter, Doombolt, Psychic Scream

Traits: The Quick and the Dead, Chaos Psyker (unbound)

Talents: Psy Rating 4, Jaded, Weapon Training (primary), Weapon Training (laspistol)

Skills: Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Trade (Remembrancer), Awareness, Psyniscience, Forbidden Lore (Psyker, Warp), Deceive, Dodge, Warp Sense, Survival

Gear: Common craftmanship Laspistol, one clip, Common Neural Whip, Flak Coat, Psy focus, dataslate full of arcane Lore