D&D Beyond character: Vallos, half-eleven bard (Dark Sun)

     Vallos is a half-elf born a Tyrian to a human woman who dallied with an elf trader, she was his constant companion and taught him music and song. He was absolutely beautiful with perfect features, and was taken and sold at 12 to a cruel templar who used him as a servant, bard, spy, assassin and boy toy. She did beat him but never touched his perfect face. When Leeta did not have use for him, several other female templars availed themselves of his talents. He rarely lacked for female attention though he had jealous rivals, who he often turned aside with a pleasant jest. 

     When Leeta was poisoned by a rival templar shortly before the death of King Kalak, Vallos took the opportunity to escape to freedom; he may be suspected of her death but the murder was unsubtle and graceless and those who may wish to employ him could point out the real culprit, a swaggering, crude, unpopular man.                                             

  Vallos is strikingly handsome, a clever man with many skills. He is charming and friendly, remaining calm and seldom raising his voice. He is extremely likable and while this is his nature, he makes an effort to maintain this demeanor because of his dread of being alone. He was never by himself except when spying, and he hates the solitary life he led upon gaining his freedom. He often chooses cheap common lodging just to be near people, and enjoys performing and talking with even a small gathering. 

     Vallos will usually defer to a woman in authority, especially a templar and doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of other men, though he would never be so rude as to say it. He respects dwarves and goliaths, is indifferent to elves, and is fascinated by halfings. He met a group of mercenaries and was enthralled by their legends and tales of the forests. Maybe someday he will see them with his own eyes, and sing of the true history of Athas…



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